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when to get a colonoscopy

Colon Cancer

First let me start this post by saying that I’m not an expert on colon cancer. My life has indirectly been affected by it so I get to vicariously experience what it can do. One of the first signs we noticed in hind sight was blood in or on the stool. If you think you… Read more


I started a small series on making small steps towards health but was sidetracked. There are some things that have to be addressed before taking a few small steps towards health (I had to butt in with this colon post). Very recently after undergoing a colonoscopy, someone very dear to me was diagnosed with colon… Read more


I felt it necessary to interrupt my series on small steps towards health to advise anyone and everyone 50 years of age and older who has never had a colonoscopy to schedule one now (think of this post as a news bulletin). If you have not had a colonoscopy and the following describes your lifestyle… Read more