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Think for a moment about the 3rd or 4th hour of your Christmas day. If your day is anything like mine used to be, it consisted of a tree with a bunch of opened toys scattered about and a ton of boxes and wrapping paper to be disposed of. The kids are happy with their… Read more

Green Oven Cleaning?

I found this neat article about green cleaning your oven:http://www.greenlivingtips.com/articles/153/1/Earth-friendly-oven-cleaning.html. I haven’t tried it as yet, but it’s worth giving it a shot.As a matter of fact, the entire Green Living Tips website is worth checking out if you are serious about living green.I’ve been busy with quite a few writing assignments so my posts… Read more

I knew a woman who suffered miserably in the Spring when the ants would come out of the woodwork and roam around her house. She was allergic to all bug sprays and pesticides. It was driving her crazy. She couldn’t spray for fear of ending up in the emergency room of the local hospital. I’m… Read more

I’ve been on vacation, so I haven’t posted any additional blulow tips for a while. Here’s a quickie to hold you over until I get back: White Vinegar – a staple for a blulow household. Here are some uses: Laundry softener. Use it instead of your regular softener. No, it does not give the downy… Read more

Paper Towels Go Blulow

Try this with me. Instead of plowing through roll after roll of paper towels, I bought several kitchen hand towels and a basket. I placed the basket underneath the paper towel dispenser. I’m in the process of retraining my family to use the washable hand towels instead of the disposable paper towels. There are some… Read more

In addition to the recipe for liquid Homemade Laundry Detergent here’s the recipe for homemade Powdered Laundry Detergent. My preference? Well, I’m partial to the liquid one. Call me cheap, but it’s less expensive, it works and it allows me to add whatever scent I like. The powdered one is extremely effective, but I think… Read more

As promised in my Basic Ingredients for Blulow Living blog entry, here are a few reasons why it’s good to keep a few bottles of hydrogen peroxide in your home. Cleaning stainless steel sinks: It’s great for leaving a stainless steel sink glistening. It may work as well on porcelain sinks too, but mine is… Read more

I want to talk about something that had not dawned on me until I received an e-mail from a concerned reader. Her email expressed a two-fold concern: Was the Arm & Hammer Washing Soda ingredient I call for in the homemade Homemade Laundry Detergent and Homemade Laundry Detergent detergent recipes phosphate free? Is the Arm… Read more

While surfing the net this morning, I came across an interesting site called New American Dream. I would advise all of you who are interested in living Blulow to pay it a visit. New American Dream offers tips, advice and information about how to live consciously and blulow, by doing things like simplifying the holidays… Read more

If you are serious about going living blulow, there are certain ingredients that are must haves in your house. Baking Soda (It doesn’t have to be Arm & Hammer. Generic baking soda will do) Borax Distilled White Vinegar Distilled Water Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) Super Washing Soda Ivory Soap is nice to have around also. You’ll… Read more