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Late Night TV and Spinning

Spinning DVD

The other night I was up late and was flipping through cable channels when I happened upon a Spinning infomercial.  Of course, since I just got back into spinning, I decided to watch the infomercial. The program advertised the virtues of spinning. As part of their sales pitch, they showed several before and after pictures… Read More

Spinning Bike

Yesterday I took my first spinning class.  Well, it wasn’t really my first spinning class.  It’s just the first spinning class that I’ve taken one in a couple of years. I re-joined the gym last week and am on my quest to get in better shape.  I knew things were going downhill when a 4 minute… Read More


A Pleasant Fitness Surprise

I re-joined my favorite gym last week and went for a fitness evaluation.  Much to my surprise, I’m not in as bad shape as I thought. My biggest challenge is increasing my flexibility.  My BMI was good, my body weight distribution ratio was good, my bicep strength was excellent (from lifting heavy groceries and laundry… Read More


After my startling discovery of gaining 15 pounds, I knew I had to do something.  The snow and ice prevented me from going out for much of a run (this is the worst winter I’ve seen in years), so I realized I needed an alternative. Finding a Gym Last year I joined a local gym. … Read More

Omega Juicer

I’ve decided to jump start my health so I pulled my juicers out of the cupboard.  No, that wasn’t a typo.  I’ve got two juicers. They each have their on specific uses. I cannot and will not choose one over the other.  Together they’re a dynamic duo. Jack LaLanne Juicer I use the Jack LaLanne… Read More


Aging Gracefully

There’s nothing  for me to say in this post. The video says it all. Here’s to a Happy and Healthy New Year… Read More


Heartburn and the Holidays


Let me start this post by saying that I do not have a medical degree nor am I a medical practitioner.  I’m writing this post as one who used to suffer terribly from heartburn during the holiday season.  Year after year it seemed like I had an internal the alarm clock that was set to… Read More


I’m “Doing” Old

Doing Old

This Thanksgiving was very enlightening for me. My enlightenment had nothing to do with how to make a creamier cheesecake or the fact that my turkey brine resulted in a very moist tasty turkey, it had to do with how we age. According to my kids, I’m as old as dirt.  They asked me, “What… Read More

Kitchen Sponge

A few years ago I wrote a post on disinfecting the kitchen sponge. It included using hydrogen peroxide and soaking the sponge in the liquid until it stopped foaming. Very recently I found a much cheaper and easier (and embarrassingly obvious) way to disinfect the kitchen sponge. I can’t believe that I overlooked such an… Read More


The other day as I was wandering around the internet and I came across Earthtones.com. Earth Tones offers wireless phone service, long distance phone service and internet access.  The real kicker with Earth Tones is that they donate 100% of their profits to organizations that help to make the environment better. Earth Tones Wireless Service… Read More

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