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Feeling Gooder

Cheerry Tomatoes

It has been one week since I sat through the marathon of food documentaries. As a result of watching those DVDs, I have dropped processed foods from my diet and opted to get my nutrition from whole foods instead. In addition to getting rid of processed foods, I’ve also severely cut back my meat intake… Read More


Green Peppers Stuffed with Barley

Ever since I’ve been on my real food adventure, I’ve been getting excited about preparing food again. I now browse through magazines to get ideas for new recipes to cook. Last night I fixed green peppers stuffed with barley. The local farm had a great selection of huge organic green peppers so I bought 4… Read More


Comparative vs. Superlative Eating

When starting a new food journey, think in the comparative vs. the superlative. Thinking in the superlative on a daily basis is a recipe for failure. Years of poor eating choices and poor eating habits cannot be fixed overnight. It takes weeks, months and sometimes years of incremental changes. Looking at your daily food choices… Read More


Vitamin C for Gout Pain


Do these gout medications sound familiar? Indocin Colchicine Allopurinol Sulfinpyrazone Probenecid Naproxen I’m sure there are more, but anyone with gout has heard of at least one or two of the above medications. My next question is; how are they working for you? When you are unfortunate enough to have a gout flare-up, which of… Read More


Don’t Mess with Mother Nature


There are some things man is not supposed to do. Screwing around with seeds is one of them. God created this earth perfectly the first go ‘round. There is no need to try to improve on perfection. If you have viewed any of the videos recommended on the About page (especially Food Matters and The… Read More


Juicing Real Food


My real food adventure has opened the door to so many ideas. I’ve had a juicer for a number of years and have an on again/off again relationship with it. Now that I’m in search of real food and real food cooking ideas, the juicer has re-appeared on my counter. Over the weekend I purchased… Read More


Vegetarian, Vegan or Whole Food


After filling my head with more information than I could stand, I decided it was time to do something. Before I go any further, here’s a tip; although we shared the titles of food documentaries in the About Real Food post, don’t do like I did and watch all of them over a period of… Read More


Beginning the Transition


One thing that I found to be very helpful when transitioning from my old way of eating to making healthier choices is to have the family on board. Making the change is difficult enough but it could be even more difficult with a defiant family. If you don’t have family support, your road will be… Read More


Finding Real Food

Orange Slice

Throughout this blog, I’ll be using real food and whole food interchangeably. It is my opinion that most of the food found in the average grocery store isn’t real. It’s got more chemicals, preservatives and additives than real food. Let’s take Cool Whip for example. Wired magazine did an article about its ingredients. No sense… Read More


The Future of Our Food

The Future of Food

If you or anyone you know eats food, you should be aware of the information contained in the movie “The Future of Food  .” Realizing how important it is to get this information out to the general public, the creators of the movie have made the movie available for free (without commercial interruptions). The movie… Read More