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Shake & Fold

Paper Towel

Several years ago I tried reducing my family’s paper towel usage by switching to cloth towels.  At first, I switched 100%. I just stopped buying paper towels and used the cloth towels instead. My family moaned and groaned. In addition to their moaning and groaning, there were a few occasions where a paper towel was… Read more


Creating my Bokashi Container

After looking around online for a Bokashi compost container, I decided to make my own. As I mentioned in my last post, I bought 2 buckets and lids from Home Depot. The next obstacle was finding the appropriate spigot for the drainage area. On my first bucket, I cut off the top of an old… Read more

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I’m not quite sure, but the Bio Bag might be the solution to one of my composting problems. If you’ve read any of the earlier posts on this blog you’ll know that I’m a proponent of composting, but have a few logistical issues to iron out. One such issue is collecting all of the lovely… Read more

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Save the Ducks

I was in the middle of preparing dinner and realized that I needed more mayo for the meal. I asked my daughter to get me a jar from the pantry. She pulled out three jars of mayonnaise, which were all attached by a three-ringed hard plastic holder that was inserted around the necks of the… Read more