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Trash Reduction

Missed Trash Pickup

In the old pre-bokashi days, panic would ensue if we forgot to bring the trash bins to the top of the hill on trash day. The thought of living with full trash receptacles for another week until the trash truck comes around again was something we dreaded. No Problema This morning we heard the trash… Read more


“Mom, the trash stinks! What did you put in it?!” This statement, although may sound like one of criticism, is actually one of acceptance. You see, my teen in her offhanded way told me that she has come to appreciate bokashi. Since starting with bokashi in April, I’ve finally trained the family to put scraps… Read more


I Don’t Need Bokashi

The “I don’t need bokashi” was a statement from a friend. Apparently, she became aware of my bokashi adventure (not from me) and in a conversation on the subject (which she brought up), she advised that she doesn’t need bokashi. She has a pile in her yard in which she dumps her yard wastes. Surrounding… Read more


Six Whole Days!

Angry Racoon

Our trash is collected once a week on Thursdays. That means on Wednesday night, we go around the house, collecting the various trash bags from the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and wherever else we have trash and empty them into the outside receptacle for collection. The ancillary trashcans normally aren’t full, but the kitchen trash is… Read more