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Inexpensive BPA Free Water Bottles

Water Bottle

After doing some research into BPA free plastic water bottles, I found that BPA free doesn’t always mean toxin free.  As a matter of fact, many BPA free items contain “regrettable substitutions.” Regrettable substitution is when one chemical is swapped out for another chemical that may be just as bad or worse. Having learned this… Read more


What do you do with your plastic shopping bags from the grocery store? Do you save them and reuse them? Do you throw them away? Do you use them to pick up after your dog? Prior to Bag-o-Bags and Pill-o-Bags, I used the grocery bags to pick up after my dog and reused them in… Read more


Recycled Night Stand

Popped Corn

I never knew recycling could be so much fun. Between repurposing my food scraps with bokashi and revamping old furniture, I’ve been truly enjoying my green journey. Filling a Need While my daughter was away at camp, I set out to find the right night stand for her room. Actually I was looking for quite… Read more


Recycling Furniture


Man oh man, I think I’ve created a whole new monster! The other day my daughter and I went to a moving sale. Let me preface this by saying that in my entire life, I think I’ve gone to 1 garage sale. That occurred many moons ago and I haven’t gone to one since. Anyway… Read more


Shake & Fold

Paper Towel

Several years ago I tried reducing my family’s paper towel usage by switching to cloth towels.  At first, I switched 100%. I just stopped buying paper towels and used the cloth towels instead. My family moaned and groaned. In addition to their moaning and groaning, there were a few occasions where a paper towel was… Read more


Bokashi Side Effects


It’s been a little over a week since I started fermenting my household food scraps using the bokashi method. Aside from being amazed that my kitchen scraps don’t stink, there are a few other things I’ve noticed. We take the trash out less often. There were so many times we emptied a half-full kitchen container… Read more


Creating my Bokashi Container

After looking around online for a Bokashi compost container, I decided to make my own. As I mentioned in my last post, I bought 2 buckets and lids from Home Depot. The next obstacle was finding the appropriate spigot for the drainage area. On my first bucket, I cut off the top of an old… Read more

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Water and Water Bottles

Many years ago we used to drink water out of cups. When went to the park as kids we used to drink water from the water fountain. Granted, if you place your fingers just right on the water spigot, you could spray the next person in line, but that was part of the fun of… Read more


As a parent who tries very hard to live simple and green, it important to me that my toddler learns the same. Sustainable living is all about ensuring that we create the least amount of impact on our environment while fulfilling our own needs and requirements. While it may seem tough or challenging to explain… Read more


Cleaning Online Clutter

I decided to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. One of the characteristics of living green is cutting out redundancy, eliminating waste and finding more efficient ways to do things. To that end, I made a few online changes. After taking stock of my online endeavors, I realized I was adding to Internet… Read more