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Raised Garden Beds

Wild Arugula

I have two gardens.  One is a raised bed garden out in the yard and the other is a container garden on my back deck.  The one on my back deck gets more TLC than the one in the yard. Since the container garden is right outside of the kitchen it’s easy to tend to… Read more

Too Much

The recurring theme this growing season is “too much.” I sowed too many seeds and too close together. My organic garden is a jungle. The cucumber and squash won’t stop growing. They’ve overshadowed everything in their path. Aside from aggressively growing squash and cucumber, my tomato plants are taking off also. Actually, all of my… Read more

Garden Growth

Things seem to be going well with my garden, sort of. The challenge I’m facing is too many plants growing too closely together. I know it’s my fault for putting too many seeds in the ground. I wasn’t sure all of the seeds would germinate so tried to help the odds by putting in a… Read more


In earlier posts I shared how I made a raised bed vegetable garden. Fortunately, I used cedar wood for the garden. On the outside of the garden fence I placed smaller pressure treated wood boxes to grow flowers. 9 Boxes to be exact. The flowers serve a two-fold purpose; they make the garden look nice… Read more

Raised Garden Bed

A few years ago I documented my attempts, failures and successes with container gardening. The one challenge I had with container gardening was that I wanted to grow many more vegetables than my containers could hold. The containers worked wonderfully, but my deck provided limited space. I always said that one day I would put on… Read more