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My last post showed how I put together the raised bed vegetable garden. This post will talk about how I’m attempting to keep critters out of the garden and what I did with the spaces between the garden beds. Keeping Critters out of the Garden I want to start off by saying that if a… Read more


Nutrient-rich bokashi soil retains more moisture than “regular” soil. Regular is in quotes because there is nothing regular about regular soil. Soil is supposed to be nutrient-rich, but we’ve become so accustomed to the stripped down version, which requires synthetic fertilizing, so that anything different is considered an anomaly. Container Garden Last year when I… Read more


Make Shift Bird Deterrents


We’ve been having problems with birds building nests under our back porch. I don’t mind the birds so much but our garage is under the porch and our cars are constantly bombed with bird poop. Our cars looked like they spent the night in an aviary. Stop the Nest Building So the battle began. I… Read more

Weight Loss

Every morning I check my garden to make sure things are moving along swimmingly and that squirrels haven’t been snacking on my tomatoes. In one of my mesclun mix pots I noticed a portion of the growth was stunted. My initial thought was it was getting too much sun, but further investigation told me sun… Read more


Homemade Bug Repellent


Summer is my favorite time of year, but it brings out my least favorite nuisance, bugs. Mosquitoes, ants and spiders are at the top of my nuisance list. I’m well aware of the benefits of having spiders around, but I’ve yet to find a good reason to live side by side with the brown reclusive… Read more


Squirrels Be Gone?

I am absolutely amazed at this simple remedy for squirrels in my flower box. Quite some time ago I wrote about how squirrels were destroying my flower box. I have been unable to stop them from ravaging the dirt and tossing it around the deck. Pre-Planting Discovery I have two flower boxes that are attached… Read more


Natural Mosquito Repellent

Over the 4th of July weekend we spent quite a bit of time outdoors at night. I don’t need to mention what happens outside at night in the summer. If you go out without protection, you are eaten alive. I don’t care how close you sit next to the citronella torches and candles, you still… Read more


Natural Deer Repellent

I love nature just as much as the next person but there are a few things that really work my nerves. The insatiable hosta munching deer is one of them, second only to flower box and yard destroying squirrel. Hair to Repel Deer There are several ways to deter deer from eating your plants (they… Read more


It looks like pepper works. In my last post I ranted a bit about squirrels reeking havoc with my plants so I peppered them (the plants, not the squirrels). This morning, I was hard at work on my laptop and I happened to look up and I saw my archenemy, the squirrel stalking (in that… Read more


I’m so annoyed with those tiny four-legged garden destroyers that I’m about to scream! They chew up the lawn, they overturn all of my flowers and they constantly toss the dirt out of my flower boxes.  I caught one squirrel mid dirt toss and I sprayed it with the water hose.  The little bugger took… Read more

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