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How’s Your Non-Physical Health?


A Dose of Health is mainly about recapturing our health one choice at a time by creating healthy habits. When I first started this blog I wrote mainly about physical health in the form of nutrition and a little bit about fitness. When good nutrition and fitness became a daily habit, I then branched out… Read more


Bokashi Side Effects


It’s been a little over a week since I started fermenting my household food scraps using the bokashi method. Aside from being amazed that my kitchen scraps don’t stink, there are a few other things I’ve noticed. We take the trash out less often. There were so many times we emptied a half-full kitchen container… Read more


Green Ideas for the Family

During one of my morning internet strolls, I happened upon a site that lists 100 Ideas for Your Green Family. One hundred ideas is a lot to digest, but I think it’s worth a review.  If it’s too much for one sitting why not institute one or two ideas each week.  Imagine how much of… Read more


It’s All in the Mind

All my adult life I’ve gone through bouts of frugality. When money got tight, I pulled in the belt. When things seemed to get a bit better, I would revert back to my wasteful ways. The older I get, the more I realize that if I had kept up with my frugal ways during the… Read more


Happy New Year

Wow, I took a look at this blog and am ashamed of myself. BLULOW has all but fallen off of the face of the blogging map. I’ve been very busy on other projects and have neglected this one. I guess I’ve spread myself too thin. Although posts have not been added here regularly, I’m still… Read more