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There’s no reason to forgo the Christmas decorations this year because you vowed to go green.  You can hold to your resolution to live green and decorate your home with environmentally friendly, energy saving solar Christmas lights. Here’s a neat article on what to look for when shopping for solar lights.  Check out:  How to… Read more


Recyclable Gift Wrapping

When buying holiday gifts for loved ones on your shopping list, don’t forget about the environment. Give the environment the gift of wrapping green. Think recyclable. When buying and wrapping Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa gifts think for a moment about where all of the tape, ribbons, bows, holiday wrapping paper and packaging will go just… Read more


Think for a moment about the 3rd or 4th hour of your Christmas day. If your day is anything like mine used to be, it consisted of a tree with a bunch of opened toys scattered about and a ton of boxes and wrapping paper to be disposed of. The kids are happy with their… Read more