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Grocery Shopping

Inexpensive BPA Free Water Bottles

Water Bottle

After doing some research into BPA free plastic water bottles, I found that BPA free doesn’t always mean toxin free.  As a matter of fact, many BPA free items contain “regrettable substitutions.” Regrettable substitution is when one chemical is swapped out for another chemical that may be just as bad or worse. Having learned this… Read more


Grocery list making has improved over the years. No longer do I make a shopping list on a sheet of loose-leaf or note paper folded in half lengthwise. The reason I made them on a sheet of loose-leaf or note paper folded lengthwise is because that’s what my mother did. It worked better for her… Read more


After spending some time looking at the household budget and the household waistline, I decided it was time to cut the fat. Ok, well, it wasn’t the household waistline, it was my waistline, but either way the fat had to go. One way to trim the fat was to take a long hard look at… Read more