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Save Money on Car Maintenance

This week I decided to look for the impossible and improbable. The economy is down the tubes, people are being laid off from their jobs and living green, for many, is being put on the back burner. If people would only recognize the fact that if we all instituted green living habits from birth, there… Read more


I’m not sure if it’s more energy efficient or not, but an oil oversight caused me to become even more oil efficient than I usually am. Here’s the scoop. I have a difficult time reading my oil gauge. For some reason I panic every time it gets to the 4th level indicator. I always think… Read more


Before you stick your key in the ignition of your car, look around the car to see if you’re driving with unnecessary weight bearing items. The extra weight will cause your car to work harder and use more gas. Look under the front seats, check the back seat, open the trunk, glove compartment, and ashtray… Read more