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Green Ideas for the Family

During one of my morning internet strolls, I happened upon a site that lists 100 Ideas for Your Green Family. One hundred ideas is a lot to digest, but I think it’s worth a review.  If it’s too much for one sitting why not institute one or two ideas each week.  Imagine how much of… Read more


If you have not done so already, I strongly suggest that you take a look at the Consumer World website.  In addition to looking through the website, you should sign up for their newsletter. Consumer World has a fountain of information that everyone who buys anything should be aware of.  As a result of a… Read more


Okay, this is more of a request than a post. Does anyone know of natural ways to get rid of Japanese beetles? This request is for a friend of mine whose plants are being eaten by the annoying insects.My plants, for some reason have not been affected.Maybe it’s because they don’t like the pepper I… Read more


It looks like pepper works. In my last post I ranted a bit about squirrels reeking havoc with my plants so I peppered them (the plants, not the squirrels). This morning, I was hard at work on my laptop and I happened to look up and I saw my archenemy, the squirrel stalking (in that… Read more


I’m so annoyed with those tiny four-legged garden destroyers that I’m about to scream! They chew up the lawn, they overturn all of my flowers and they constantly toss the dirt out of my flower boxes.  I caught one squirrel mid dirt toss and I sprayed it with the water hose.  The little bugger took… Read more

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I am not what you would call an outdoors type of person. It’s not that I’m against the outdoors, but there’s something about the spiders, mosquitoes and the unidentifiable bugs that, well…bug me. My little bug problem tends to put a damper on my gardening experiences. While I enjoy a home-grown fruit or vegetables just… Read more