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3 Containers

I’ve planted in container number 1 (gray) and am waiting for another week before planting in container 2 (blue). The third container (purple) is ready for planting since there’s no bokashi in it (didn’t want to wait the additional two weeks for the bokashi to be ready). There is a fourth container (blue) that will… Read more


Soil Preparations

Plant Sprayer

While I’m waiting for my bokashi to complete its fermenting cycle and the weather to warm up enough so I can plant items in my containers, I’ve been spending time reading and learning about how to organically improve the quality of my soil (forgive the long sentence). My “From Scratch” personality has a hard time… Read more


Ok, so I made my first self-watering container, right? Well, its there sitting on the deck with nothing in it. I’m stuck on the dirt! Before I talk about my dirt dilemma, here are a few shots of my handiwork. Here’s the inside: For the cover, I intend to attach a mesh screen to keep… Read more


Since I’ve opened the door to gardening, my head is swimming! For a while, I had a hard time putting the horse before the cart. Here’s My Dilemma My natural personality is to go superlative. If I’m going to garden, I want to grow my veggies from seeds and plant them in organic, nutrient-rich soil… Read more


Learning about Bokashi

What I love about learning new things is that there are always new things to learn. Just a couple of days ago I came across the practice of Bokashi. From what I’ve read (and can’t wait to get started), Bokashi is a wonderful compliment to composting. Since I’m about to start my own container garden… Read more


When the Student is Ready…

It’s amazing the stuff you can find when your brain is ready to find it. I’ve been spending a bit of time online looking to streamline and improve upon my on-deck vegetable growing project.  I not only found tons of encouragement, but I found out how to make a self-watering system out of common household… Read more


Oh the Joys of Frugality

After much thought, I’ve decided to come up with gardening Plan B. While I’d love to have the Grow Camp garden in my yard, I just couldn’t convince my inner frugal gene. No matter how excited I got about my garden, there was a little voice in side that just wouldn’t quit. It kept saying… Read more


I think I’ve found the resolution to my gardening problem. First let me explain the problem. The problem is too many critters. Between the squirrels, ground hogs, deer and any other 4-legged creature living in the northeast, my garden just doesn’t stand a chance. I once tried growing tomatoes on the porch (at least the… Read more


A Mini-Indoor Garden

My recent dietary changes to include more fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic, led me to my latest adventure. My son likes to call it vertical gardening but I call it sprouting. I used to purchase my alfalfa or broccoli sprouts from the health store. I would spend anywhere from $2-$4 for little container. The… Read more


Squirrels Be Gone?

I am absolutely amazed at this simple remedy for squirrels in my flower box. Quite some time ago I wrote about how squirrels were destroying my flower box. I have been unable to stop them from ravaging the dirt and tossing it around the deck. Pre-Planting Discovery I have two flower boxes that are attached… Read more