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I think I’m learning more about my sprayer than I wanted to learn. The other day I decided to give my new Chapin sprayer a spin. I use it for foliar spraying my plants and vegetables with bokashi tea. Part of the tea preparation includes adding molasses which feeds bokashi’s beneficial bacteria. I sometimes add water… Read more


I Love This Time of Year!


As I was evaluating my container garden this year, I couldn’t help but snap a photo of my early strawberries. These are the very same strawberries I almost tossed in the compost pile (thanks Crystal and her SIL for talking me down). There was also another surprise. For seasoned gardeners, this isn’t a big deal… Read more


Making My Own Bokashi Bran

Drying Bokashi

I finally did it. I made my first batch of bokashi mix. I used the recipe from TeraGanix  website which called for 50 pounds of wheat bran, ¾ cup molasses, ¾ cup of EM and about 2 to 3 gallons of water (I actually used more water). The most difficult part of the whole procedure… Read more


Soil Preparations

Plant Sprayer

While I’m waiting for my bokashi to complete its fermenting cycle and the weather to warm up enough so I can plant items in my containers, I’ve been spending time reading and learning about how to organically improve the quality of my soil (forgive the long sentence). My “From Scratch” personality has a hard time… Read more