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Containter Garden

Leggy Plants

My sprouted seeds have legs and that’s not a good thing.  Apparently leggy seedlings mean they’re growing long legs in an attempt to find quality sunlight. Fortunately, it’s a lesson I’ve learned early in the season so I can go back to the drawing board early enough and still have veggies this year. Growing from… Read more


When you create soil using the bokashi fermenting method, your resulting soil isn’t like the same old everyday depleted soil you buy from your local home improvement store. Your bokashi soil is nutrient-rich, moist and filled with beneficial microbes. Something I Learned Last year I created a container garden. To be efficient I decided to… Read more


Bokashi is Gaining Steam

We are definitely onto something with this bokashi stuff. The San Francisco Chronicle, Salem News  and Huffington Post  all tout the benefits of bokashi. Even though the Salem News and Huffing Post discuss the same country club, it does much to get the word about bokashi out to a wider audience. Let’s face it, the… Read more


I sometimes get the question, “Can I use bokashi in a container garden?” The answer to that is, “Yes!”  Bokashi is the perfect compliment to container gardens. It takes a little pre-planning the first year, but if you time it right, you can set up your containers so there’s a layer of bokashi in the… Read more