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Natural Products

Brown Paper Wrapping Paper

This year we opted to forgo the fancy glitter wrapping paper in favor of using brown paper instead. The brown paper is not only stronger than the usual Christmas wrapping paper, but it’s recyclable. It has so many other uses besides wrapping. Once the gifts were opened, we folded the used paper and stored some… Read more


If you ever run into the unfortunate situation of having a mite or flea infestation, don’t immediately buy harmful chemicals as the first line of defense. Those chemicals are just as dangerous as the mites. Get rid of the infestation using naturally occurring diatomaceous earth. Here’s a Short Story Not too long ago I had… Read more

Kitchen Spray

If you’re one who uses kitchen wipes to keep your counters clean and as bacterial free as possible, why not make your own homemade disinfectant spray and accomplish the same thing for a fraction of the cost. The big difference between your homemade kitchen spray and the store-bought wipes is your homemade spray is non-toxic… Read more

Baking Soda

I was running low on cleaning supplies so I made a trip to the local Walmart. While there I bought several bottles of hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar and witch hazel. To that I added several boxes of baking soda. The bottom of my cart was lined with nothing but those items. As I looked at… Read more


Milk Paint

Glass of Milk

I recently discovered milk paint. Milk paint isn’t new. As a matter of fact, milk paint has been around for thousands of years. King Tut’s tomb and ancient cave paintings were painted using milk paint. The fact that I’ve been around all these years and never heard of it before amazes me. The ingredients are… Read more


De-Clogging Drains Naturally?


Here’s an interesting post that I came across the other day.  It’s a recipe for an all-natural drain de-clogger. The reason why it’s so interesting to me is that I recently had a rather hefty plumbing bill.  You see my kitchen sink was clogged, but the clog originated underneath the house and has probably been… Read more


Homemade Bug Repellent


Summer is my favorite time of year, but it brings out my least favorite nuisance, bugs. Mosquitoes, ants and spiders are at the top of my nuisance list. I’m well aware of the benefits of having spiders around, but I’ve yet to find a good reason to live side by side with the brown reclusive… Read more


Dr. Bronner’s Soaps

Castille Soap

About a week or so ago when we were rained in I watched a video on Netflix about Dr. Bronner. He might be familiar to you. He’s the guy behind Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soaps. In watching the video I realized this man was a genius. Sometimes misunderstood and other times over the top, but he… Read more


Homemade Deodorant


In browsing the Internet I came across an interesting blog. I was going to link to it, but when I tried to go to the URL today, the account was suspended. Bummer! I’m hoping it’s a temporary glitch (here’s the link just in case it is a glitch). Anyway, on this blog was a post… Read more


Making My Own Bokashi Bran

Drying Bokashi

I finally did it. I made my first batch of bokashi mix. I used the recipe from TeraGanix  website which called for 50 pounds of wheat bran, ¾ cup molasses, ¾ cup of EM and about 2 to 3 gallons of water (I actually used more water). The most difficult part of the whole procedure… Read more