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3 Containers

I’ve planted in container number 1 (gray) and am waiting for another week before planting in container 2 (blue). The third container (purple) is ready for planting since there’s no bokashi in it (didn’t want to wait the additional two weeks for the bokashi to be ready). There is a fourth container (blue) that will… Read more

Self Watering Container

I’m going to try to make this long story short. I buried my bokashi wastes and was disappointed that it didn’t completely decompose in two weeks. I thought I had made a colossal mistake only to find out I was laboring under a misconception. The fermented matter doesn’t decompose in two weeks. What happens in… Read more


A Bokashi “Aha” Moment

Bokashi in Dirt

I was laboring under a misconception about bokashi. Fortunately, another more experience bokashi user set me straight (folks who practice bokashi are a helpful lot). In an earlier post about my “bokashi mistake” I thought the fermented matter would decompose in 2 weeks. Boy, was I wrong. The 2-week time frame is the amount of… Read more

Bokashi Bucket Sketch

When I think of bokashi I think of sustainability, recycling and doing my part to enhance the environment. The bokashi bran is made with all natural ingredients and is not harmful to animals or the environment. Unfortunately, in order to ferment food scraps, you must have a container to begin the fermenting process. Buying a… Read more


One of the serendipitous benefits of bokashi fermenting is the tea. This tea is power food for plants. Not everybody uses the bokashi tea. Some fermenting buckets do not have a spigot to drain off the tea. Draining off the tea is not imperative but if you have plants or a yard or know someone… Read more


I’m one to learn by trial and error. When I first learned about bokashi, I knew I’d eventually bury my fermented scraps in a container and not in the yard. This is a no-brainer for a gal who is embarking on a container gardening journey. When my fermented wastes were ready, I took a 5-gallon… Read more

What to Do Next?

So you’ve managed to fill your first bokashi bucket. Congratulations. Now you want to know what to do next, right? Well, the first thing you do is pull out a second bokashi bucket to use while the first one goes into phase 2. Phase 2 means you’ve got to place your filled bokashi bucket someplace… Read more


Bokashi: Burying the Scraps

Fermented Bokashi

My first bucket of household scraps have fermented for two weeks and is now ready for planting. I didn’t want to take a picture of my trash, but I had to document the process, so here’s a picture of 4-week-old trash. It took two weeks to gather the scraps and then they sat for two… Read more

Bokashi Bin

Congratulations on your decision to make the Hudson Valley greener and to potentially improve the health of your crops, lawn and/or houseplants (not to mention your septic tank). By practicing bokashi, you’ll quickly notice a decrease in household trash, which also significantly reduces arguments on whose turn it is to take the trash out. In… Read more


Soil Preparations

Plant Sprayer

While I’m waiting for my bokashi to complete its fermenting cycle and the weather to warm up enough so I can plant items in my containers, I’ve been spending time reading and learning about how to organically improve the quality of my soil (forgive the long sentence). My “From Scratch” personality has a hard time… Read more