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Container Garden Update #3

I had been so busy with my tomato plants that I almost forgot about my basil. After removing the slime mold from one of the basil plants I took an objective look and realized I should have pinched the basil quite some time ago. They were growing tall with nice big leaves, but they weren’t… Read more

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Is it the Bokashi?

Bokashi Plants

Not having planted a container garden before, I’m wondering if this type of growth is normal. Here’s a picture of my container when I first planted everything on 5/20/2012.  I planted basil, cayenne peppers, tomato, arugula and strawberries. Three and a half weeks later, I have a mini jungle. This is what it looked like… Read more


This conversation will be a high-level conversation because I’m not an expert on effective microorganisms. What I have learned, however, is that they are a synergistic solution for many natural and man-made disasters. Before we talk about disasters, let’s talk about bokashi. The integral part of the bokashi bran mix is the effective microorganisms. Wheat… Read more


While I was out spraying the lawn with bokashi tea this morning I noticed there were certain areas where clover was growing. Of course I did little research and found the following about clover: Resistant to dog urine (that’s a biggie in our house) Drought resistant Attracts beneficial insects such as honeybees Does not require… Read more

HVBokashi Kit

I feel it necessary to write about the anatomy of a bokashi fermenting container for folks like myself who over analyze things. When I first started with bokashi, I wasn’t sure whether or not it was absolutely necessary to have a drainage plate at the bottom of my bokashi container. So, rather than continually search… Read more

Bokashi Bran

This may sound silly coming from someone selling bokashi bran, but if you have the time and the adventurous spirit, try making your own bran. My reason for recommending homemade bokashi bran is the same reason why I recommend making your own bokashi fermenting bin. It’s easy and cost-effective. Having said that, not everyone wants… Read more


I’ve learned quite a bit about maintaining plants over the past few weeks. Bokashi is quite the environmental, ecosystem, soil food web educator. Municipalities put chlorine in drinking water to kill off bacteria. That makes perfect sense because no one wants to drink water with harmful bacteria swimming around in it. That works perfectly well… Read more


Mushroom Quiz


Can anyone identify this mushroom? After some pretty hefty rain, I discovered these mushrooms growing in one of my container vegetable gardens. The Felicia of old would have freaked out, but the new, more mature organic gardener is welcoming the interesting looking visitors. From information I’ve gleaned over the Internet, mushrooms are a sign of… Read more


If you truly want something, you’ve got to be willing to give something. Using bokashi is much different from tossing your scraps into a traditional trash can. If what you want is ease of use and to contribute to the ever-growing trash heaps, then bokashi is not for you. However, if you’re willing to separate… Read more


Making My Own Bokashi Bran

Drying Bokashi

I finally did it. I made my first batch of bokashi mix. I used the recipe from TeraGanix  website which called for 50 pounds of wheat bran, ¾ cup molasses, ¾ cup of EM and about 2 to 3 gallons of water (I actually used more water). The most difficult part of the whole procedure… Read more