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Bokashi Tea


When you create soil using the bokashi fermenting method, your resulting soil isn’t like the same old everyday depleted soil you buy from your local home improvement store. Your bokashi soil is nutrient-rich, moist and filled with beneficial microbes. Something I Learned Last year I created a container garden. To be efficient I decided to… Read more


Year Two of a Bokashi Lawn

Last year was the first year I sprayed bokashi tea on my lawn. To do so I would mix a concoction of rainwater, bokashi tea, a hint of molasses and a little seaweed broth. The concoction was poured into my handy-dandy 2-gallon sprayer and off I would go. When it was empty, I’d fill it… Read more


Insects and Bokashi Tea

Swarm of Gnats

Since applying bokashi tea to the lawn, I’ve noticed a decrease in certain types of insects. In the summer we often get swarms of little gnats. The annoying gnats would fly around in swarms that seemed like 100 or so gnats (it might have only been 50, but it seemed like more). If you weren’t… Read more


Bokashi Tea and the lawn


Since the bokashi tea has been doing wonders for my houseplants and vegetable garden, I decided to use it on the lawn. We have officially converted our lawn to a no-chemical lawn. Well, at least a 95% no chemical lawn. I did buy Ortho Vine and Bush Killer in order to get rid of our… Read more


One of the serendipitous benefits of bokashi fermenting is the tea. This tea is power food for plants. Not everybody uses the bokashi tea. Some fermenting buckets do not have a spigot to drain off the tea. Draining off the tea is not imperative but if you have plants or a yard or know someone… Read more


Bokashi Tea

Bokashi Tea

Oh, the wonders of bokashi tea. If you do it right, bokashi will give you a microbial rich tea that your plants (and septic tank) will love. What is Bokashi Tea As your food ferments, it releases a liquid.  If you think back to the inner workings of a bokashi bucket, you’ll remember that accommodations… Read more


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