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Bokashi Process

Don’t Let Winter Stop You


We’re in the throws of winter and there are two things I’ve learned about bokashi: You can still ferment scraps during the winter Two buckets are better than one Winter Bokashi Before it got too cold, I purchased two trashcans and half filled both with dirt. After my bokashi bucket is full and has fermented… Read more


This conversation will be a high-level conversation because I’m not an expert on effective microorganisms. What I have learned, however, is that they are a synergistic solution for many natural and man-made disasters. Before we talk about disasters, let’s talk about bokashi. The integral part of the bokashi bran mix is the effective microorganisms. Wheat… Read more

Bokashi Bran

This may sound silly coming from someone selling bokashi bran, but if you have the time and the adventurous spirit, try making your own bran. My reason for recommending homemade bokashi bran is the same reason why I recommend making your own bokashi fermenting bin. It’s easy and cost-effective. Having said that, not everyone wants… Read more


If you truly want something, you’ve got to be willing to give something. Using bokashi is much different from tossing your scraps into a traditional trash can. If what you want is ease of use and to contribute to the ever-growing trash heaps, then bokashi is not for you. However, if you’re willing to separate… Read more


A Bokashi “Aha” Moment

Bokashi in Dirt

I was laboring under a misconception about bokashi. Fortunately, another more experience bokashi user set me straight (folks who practice bokashi are a helpful lot). In an earlier post about my “bokashi mistake” I thought the fermented matter would decompose in 2 weeks. Boy, was I wrong. The 2-week time frame is the amount of… Read more