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Bokashi Fermenting Bins

I love fermenting my food scraps and using the bokashi tea on my plants and lawn. The one challenge I was running into, however, was burying the bokashi after it had fermented for the appropriate amount of time. Digging Up the Lawn The first few times I buried my bokashi I buried them in containers… Read more

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HVBokashi Kit

I feel it necessary to write about the anatomy of a bokashi fermenting container for folks like myself who over analyze things. When I first started with bokashi, I wasn’t sure whether or not it was absolutely necessary to have a drainage plate at the bottom of my bokashi container. So, rather than continually search… Read more

Bokashi Bucket Sketch

When I think of bokashi I think of sustainability, recycling and doing my part to enhance the environment. The bokashi bran is made with all natural ingredients and is not harmful to animals or the environment. Unfortunately, in order to ferment food scraps, you must have a container to begin the fermenting process. Buying a… Read more