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Soft Hands

For years I was plagued with rough, dry hands. My hands were so rough that I barely wanted to touch myself. My hubby and kids complained and joked about my rough, dry hands. “Mom we don’t need scouring pads to clean the pots. Why don’t you just rub them with your hands?” I believed the… Read more

African Black Soap

The other day while watching the Dr. Oz TV show, he introduced a product called Black African Soap. This soap is supposed to help soften dry skin and diminish acne. Dry Skin and Acne? One soap that tackles both dry skin and acne? I always thought dry skin and acne were mutually exclusive. Growing up… Read more


Here’s the scoop. If you’re a mom (especially an at-home mom), you tend to have your hands in water a lot. The first symptoms of softness deterioration usually show up after the birth of your first child. Children cause you to constantly wash your hands. You wash your hands before you change the baby and… Read more