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Why this Blog?

Many moons ago when I was a child being nosy at a family gathering I heard my uncle say, “The body can heal itself.” When I heard that I thought he was crazy. The adults in the room thought he was crazy too.

Fast forward several decades. Now that I’m in my middle years, my ‘crazy’ uncle has outlived most of the relatives that were at that family gathering. Those who are still alive are frail, unhealthy and live with the help of a plethora of medications. My uncle is living a healthy and vibrant life.

His life’s example got me to thinking over the years. As I watched my elder relatives suffer from a host of chronic diseases including, but not limited to high blood pressure, diabetes, gout, cancer and more, I realized my uncle was onto something. I didn’t immediately change my eating habits when my uncle uttered those words, but over the years I slowly substituted a few bad habits for good habits.

As I slowly transitioned, I noticed certain annoying and niggling conditions began to clear up. My allergies, for example, started clearing up. Aside from hay fever, I also suffered with several food allergies. I noticed my dental checkups got better and my blood pressure got lower. I slept better and had more energy.

One thing with making slow changes is that you don’t truly realize how much your health improves until one day you notice you can do things that you previously had a tough time doing. Another thing with making slow changes is that gradual changes are easier to maintain. One small change leads to another and then another and before you know it, you’ve made major strides towards good health.

A Dose of Health

I named this site A Dose of Health because there are so many things we can do to get ourselves healthy and maintain our health. The one caveat is that there is no magic bullet or get healthy quick pill. It’s all about small changes and conscious choices, one choice at a time. In other words, one dose at a time.

Our society tends to repeat bad habits day after day and when we hit the illness wall, we want a quick fix to get us back on track. We don’t want to address the problem; we want to eliminate the symptoms. We run to our physicians to get prescriptions so we can take pills to make ourselves feel better.

Feeling better with medicine comes at a cost. I’m sure you’ve seen the drug commercials that advertise quick fix remedies that also come with a laundry list of side effects. You can avoid much of the side effects and treat the underlying problem by being conscious of your daily choices.

Health Journey

If you wish to journey down the path to true health, you’ve got to be willing to challenge everything you knew to be true. You must hone your research skills and dig deep. You’ll need to ignore the propaganda and validate all of your sources. Don’t take what I write here on this site as gospel truth. Do your own research and most of all, do your own experimenting.

On this site I share my journey, research and results of experimentation. This site is not intended to offer medical advice nor diagnose illnesses. It’s just the journey of one person who has done much to improve her health and I hope my journey will inspire you to improve yours.


Felicia A. Williams