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Menopause and Hormones

Learn about Hormones and MenopauseIf you are a woman or have women in your life that you care about, you should read the book What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Menopause  by Dr. John R. Lee, M.D.  Don’t let the title fool you.  This book is a good read for women going through menopause, but it’s also appropriate for teens, mature women and men alike (yes, men suffer from hormone imbalances too).

I heard about the book and borrowed it from the library. Because my library limits the amount of times you can renew a book, I realized I had to buy it and add it to my own private library.

This book tells it like it is and provides explanations on both a clinical and a layman’s level.

What I got from this is, hormone replacement therapy isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to dealing with menopause and its symptoms.  Adding more estrogen isn’t always the answer.  There are alternatives and women should be aware of them.

If you can’t get a hold of the book right away, here are a couple of sites that provide some background information:


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