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Bokashi is Gaining Steam

We are definitely onto something with this bokashi stuff.

The San Francisco Chronicle, Salem News  and Huffington Post  all tout the benefits of bokashi.

Even though the Salem News and Huffing Post discuss the same country club, it does much to get the word about bokashi out to a wider audience. Let’s face it, the Huffington Post and Salem News (and the San Francisco Chronicle for that matter) have a much larger viewing audience than I do here.

I’m pleased to see the word is getting out and more folks are being introduced to bokashi. Hopefully, the more people read about it, the more folks will try it.

On a personal note, since using bokashi in my container garden (along with spraying with bokashi tea), I measured a 12 inch growth in my tomato plant in just 4 days.  My other vegetables are just as impressive.

Unruly Tomatoes

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