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Is it the Bokashi?

Not having planted a container garden before, I’m wondering if this type of growth is normal.

Here’s a picture of my container when I first planted everything on 5/20/2012.  I planted basil, cayenne peppers, tomato, arugula and strawberries.

Click to see larger image

First Planted

Three and a half weeks later, I have a mini jungle. This is what it looked like on 6/14/2012:


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Container garden three and a half weeks later

I’m working on creating another bokashi container so I can spread things out a bit. My two tomato plants are taking over. I think they need a container all to themselves.

My other containers are doing very well.  Everything has germinated and I was pleasantly surprised to see that my dill didn’t bite the dust.  It is actually making a comeback.

I was so thrilled with my plants that I created two more bokashi/soil containers.  In one I have seasonal flowers and the other I planted herbs.

Maybe I’ll get around to burying bokashi in the soil later on in the summer, but for now I have a few more containers I’d like to fill.

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