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Earlier on I had a post on how to recycle wine bottles. Well, here’s an article on what to do with the corks.

The author provides 10 solutions on how to recycle wine bottle corks.

The only one she seems to be missing is creating a wine bottle cork board. It’s simple and easy to do.

What You’ll Need

  • Scissor
  • Wine bottle corks (as many as you can accumulate)
  • Velcro or hanging ribbon

Here’s what You Do:
Take a piece of cardboard. It could be round, square or rectangle, it doesn’t matter. Cut it into the shape of your choosing (a heart would be nice).

Decide how and where you want to hang the cork board. You could use either Velcro backing or place a string/ribbon through the cardboard and use it to hang the board on a hook. You need to decide this up front. It’s easier to poke a hole in the cardboard before the cork is adhered to it.

After deciding how you want to hang the cork board, pre arrange the cork stoppers on the cardboard so that there’s no space in between each piece of cork. Get creative. Lay some horizontally, some vertically. You can even stand some on the end (just cut the excess cork so that the cork board has an even/level plane.

Now that everything is arranged to your liking, individually glue each cork to the cardboard with the Gem-Tac glue.

Once the glue is dry, hang the cork board and start using it.

Get Creative

If you really want to get creative with wine corks, check out these wine cork flip flops (scroll down to see the flip flops).

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