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I’ve been on vacation, so I haven’t posted any additional blulow tips for a while.

Here’s a quickie to hold you over until I get back:

White Vinegar – a staple for a blulow household.White Vinegar

Here are some uses:

  1. Laundry softener. Use it instead of your regular softener. No, it does not give the downy or snuggle fresh smell, but it does remove the excess soap that causes hard laundry. Honestly, I use it in the wash, and use ½ of a softener sheet in the dryer because I want the fresh scent (Some folks mix ½ vinegar with ½ liquid softener. I haven’t tried that as yet, but it is on my to do when I get back).
  2. Great as a window cleaner (see earlier post ). One tip, for streak free windows is to use distilled water. I’ve found that over time, regular water will leave a mineral film.
  3. Removes spots from dishes cleaned in a dishwasher (after using your Homemade Laundry Detergent).
  4. Add a little to your water to clean your coffee machine reservoir. It removes the mineral deposits that are making your coffee taste less than perfect.

For other great vinegar uses check out House Clean the Green Way: Practical Uses for White Vinegar and The Vinegar Institute. They’re chock full of great tips.

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