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Pool Chlorine

One of the concerns I had as an above ground pool owner is what does all that chlorine do to the folks swimming in the pool? Chlorine is great for fighting harmful bacteria and keeping the pool water clear, but what does it do to our bodies? Chlorine and Skin A strong concentration of chlorine… Read More


A Health Observation


Yesterday as I was sitting in the waiting room while my daughter tried on yet another outfit, so I started chatting with a well-dressed woman in her mid 50’s who worked in the store. This woman obviously watched her weight and took meticulous care of her appearance. Her hair was attractively colored and cut. Her… Read More

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What do you do when you’ve reached a point in your life where the sum of your earlier actions is resulting in less than stellar health?  You find the numbers on the scale are a bit higher than you’d like and your energy level is lower than you’d like.   How do you begin to reverse… Read More

Drink Water

Let me answer that question with some age-old wisdom.  My parents told me the only things you HAVE to do in life is pay taxes and die (and of course, listen to my parents).  Nowhere in that statement did they mention anything about drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Life Before 8 Glasses of… Read More