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Enjoying the Low Carb Life


Since reducing my carb intake I feel great! I no longer think of this as a dietary change. I think of it as a way of life. Just like some people don’t eat radishes or broccoli or liver, I choose not to eat foods with a high glycemic index. In other words, in general I… Read More


Eating Fat and Dropping Carbs


Sometimes when you’re in the process of absorbing a ton of new information, it’s tough to digest it all. Let me see if I can back this up a little. I’ve always been health conscious. Whether or not I did the right thing by eating right and exercising, I was always conscious of it. I… Read More

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30 Days Low Carb & Wheat Free


In my last post I mentioned my transformation to a low carb way of eating. In essence, I eat whole, non-processed foods (except for cheese). During the last 30 days I’ve eliminated all wheat products and most grains. I cooked my meals from scratch and monitored the ingredients I used. What I’ve Discovered Over this… Read More

Grass Fed Beef

It’s funny how things change. Not too long ago I was attempting to transition to a raw food diet. While I still see some merits to eating raw, I realize 100% raw is not for me. I think I captured my true mindset in my vegetarian, vegan or whole food post. As I was roaming… Read More


If you suffer from hot flashes or night sweats (whether they are caused by menopause or not), sage may be your answer. Here’s the story. About a decade or so ago I had my first bout with hot flashes. I changed my dietary habits and they went away. From time to time when I went… Read More


Raw Oatmeal Recipe

Making a bowl of raw oatmeal is easier than cooking it. It takes half the time and half the cleanup. I’m not 100% raw by any means, but since I’ve decided to take a trip on the road to raw eating, I thought it important to figure out how to make a raw breakfast. I… Read More


There’s something to be said about healthy eating. Recently we were hit with an October snowstorm, which caused a power outage. Our outage lasted for 2 ½ days. During that time, the foods in the freezer remained frozen and I felt comfortable that they didn’t spoil. The temperature in the house hovered between 48 and… Read More


We Are What We Eat

We Are What We Eat

This is not a profound statement, and I’m sure we all know this by now. Just yesterday while I was at the mall, I met a man that personified the statement. He was in front of me at the check out line. He purchased several hundred dollars worth of workout clothes. He was a personable… Read More


Eating Real Popcorn


OK, I’ve tried microwave popcorn, Jiffy Pop popcorn and air popped popcorn. I’ve got to say, hands down, that the best popcorn that I’ve had recently is Mr. Popping Cob’s popping corn. It caught my eye as I was browsing the shelves of our local farm’s store. It was a miniature cob of corn with… Read More


Week 3 or 4 (?) Update


I’ve lost track of time. I’ve been having such a blast with this real food journey that I forgot to update my stats. Oh well, the heck with stats. I know I’ve lost some weight, increased my energy and drink coffee once a week (it’s a Sunday ritual in my house). The convenient one-stop-shopping days… Read More