I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Back On


I had been doing pretty well with my fitness routine. I was taking spinning classes three times a week plus integrating a few other classes such as Zumba, some muscle toning exercises and walking. All was going well until I got sick. Normally, if it were just a cold, I’d suffer through it. But apparently [...]

Dubious Side Effect of Spinning Classes

Spinning DVD

The last few posts on this blog have been about my love affair with spinning. I’ve finally worked up to being able to take spinning classes every other day. My rear end is no longer sore and I can really pour it on in class. Full Throttle It’s my belief that if you do not [...]

Spinning – Gel Seats and Padded Shorts

Gel Seat

Anyone who has ever taken a spinning class understands the pain of having a sore rump. While you may have the stamina and muscle endurance to take the most advanced spinning class, the rear end always separates the seasoned spinners from the beginners. Even after spending hours on wooden bleachers during basketball, football and cheerleading [...]

Can You Lose Weight Spinning?


I can only write from personal experience and mathematics.  Personally, I’ve only been spinning for a short period of time so whether or not I’m losing weight it’s too soon to tell.  The scale did go down a pound or two but it could be a combination of spinning and dietary habits. The Mathematics of [...]

Spinning Classes: Nothing to Fear but a Sore Rear

Spinning Bike

Okay, if you’ve read any of my recent posts, you’ll know that I’m back on the bike.  It’s been about 2 weeks and my rear end is no longer sore.  I can sit through the 45 minute class with no problem. Kicking it Up a Notch Now that I can sit through 45 minutes, I’ve [...]

Late Night TV and Spinning

Spinning DVD

The other night I was up late and was flipping through cable channels when I happened upon a Spinning infomercial.  Of course, since I just got back into spinning, I decided to watch the infomercial. The program advertised the virtues of spinning. As part of their sales pitch they showed several before and after pictures [...]

Surviving My First Spinning Class

Spinning Bike

Yesterday I took my first spinning class.  Well it wasn’t really my first spinning class.  It’s just the first spinning class that I’ve taken one in a couple of years. I re-joined the gym last week and am on my quest to get in better shape.  I knew things were going down hill when a 4 [...]