Learning the Basics of Real Baking

This is a post about baking so I think it’s only fair to say, I’m not a baker. I can cook pretty well, but when it comes to baking, well, that’s a horse of a different color. I believe the reason I’m not a baker is because baking always seemed to be a fine art. [...]

CSAs – Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a whole new concept for me. It’s a great way to get fresh, locally grown produce on a weekly basis. What is Community Supported Agriculture? Some farms allow members of the community to purchase shares of produce. Shares are paid for in advance of the harvesting season and a share [...]

Two Weeks of Healthy Eating

It has been two weeks since my husband and I spent the entire day watching a marathon of food documentaries. Those documentaries changed the way we view food and our relationship with it. Two weeks later we are still discovering new foods and experimenting with how to prepare them. Our juicer is getting a workout [...]

Healthy Eating

Size Doesn’t Matter, Taste Does

Continuing on my quest for real food, I recently purchased a pound and a half of chicken breast from my local grocery store. They offer a separate meat section to sell free-range poultry from chickens that were not fed antibiotics or animal growth hormones. In this section you can also find free-range grass fed beef. [...]

What About Meat?

It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve made changes to my eating habits. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my goal is to eat whole or real foods. In my opinion, meat is considered a real food. Wait, let me rephrase that last statement. I don’t consider the poorly fed, antibiotic laden under exercised [...]

Feeling Gooder

It has been one week since I sat through the marathon of food documentaries. As a result of watching those DVDs, I have dropped processed foods from my diet and opted to get my nutrition from whole foods instead. In addition to getting rid of processed foods I’ve also severely cut back my meat intake. [...]

Cheerry Tomatoes

Green Peppers Stuffed with Barley

Ever since I’ve been on my real food adventure, I’ve been getting excited about preparing food again. I now browse through magazines to get ideas of new recipes to cook. Last night I fixed green peppers stuffed with barley. The local farm had a great selection of huge organic green peppers so I bought 4 [...]

Comparative vs. Superlative Eating

When starting a new food journey, think in the comparative vs. the superlative. Thinking in the superlative on a daily basis is a recipe for failure. Years of poor eating choices and poor eating habits cannot be fixed overnight. It takes weeks, months and sometimes years of incremental changes. Looking at your daily food choices [...]

Vitamin C for Gout Pain

Do these gout medications sound familiar? Indocin Colchicine Allopurinol Sulfinpyrazone Probenecid Naproxen I’m sure there are more, but anyone with gout has heard of at least one or two of the above medications. My next question is; how are they working for you? When you are unfortunate enough to have a gout flare up, which [...]


Don’t Mess with Mother Nature

There are some things man is not supposed to do. Screwing around with seeds is one of them. God created this earth perfectly the first go ‘round. There is no need to try to improve on perfection. If you have viewed any of the videos recommended on the About page (especially Food Matters and The [...]