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January 2013

More Things about Bone Broth

Bone Broth

A little over a month ago I made my first batch of bone broth. Since then I make sure to keep bones brewing daily. When I finish with one batch, I get rid of disintegrating bones and add one or two new bones in place of the old ones and start another batch. Making Bone… Read More


Missed Trash Pickup

In the old pre-bokashi days, panic would ensue if we forgot to bring the trash bins to the top of the hill on trash day. The thought of living with full trash receptacles for another week until the trash truck comes around again was something we dreaded. No Problema This morning we heard the trash… Read More


Keeping Sciatica at Bay


After suffering from a long-lasting sciatica flare-up, I think I finally know what I should do to keep it at bay. Over the past couple of years, I’ve suffered on and off with sciatica. When it first happened, I didn’t know what it was and unfortunately, the chiropractor I regularly visited at the time was… Read More


Starting the New Year Right


Every year for as long as I can remember I would vow to lose weight and visit the gym regularly. This year is different.  I’m going to cancel my gym membership and let my new way of eating worry about my weight. Low Carb no Cardio Overload Since I’ve changed my way of eating a… Read More


When I look back over 2012 I can’t help but marvel at the number of items I gave up.  Of course for everything I gave up, I either added something new or changed the way I did things. Here’s a list of some of the things I gave up last year: Tossed out the microwave… Read More


Don’t Let Winter Stop You


We’re in the throws of winter and there are two things I’ve learned about bokashi: You can still ferment scraps during the winter Two buckets are better than one Winter Bokashi Before it got too cold, I purchased two trashcans and half filled both with dirt. After my bokashi bucket is full and has fermented… Read More