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January 2010

Salty Turkey Cold Cuts

Sara Lee Turkey

I stopped by the grocery store last night to pickup cold cuts for my daughter’s school lunch. She told me she was tired of peanut butter and apple sandwiches (I was also tired of making them). It was late and the cold cut counter was closed so I picked up a package of Sara Lee… Read More


I happen to be a fan of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Often times I make my own peanut butter by grinding peanuts, almonds or even cashews in my Magic Bullet. I add a drop or two of olive oil for consistency and there I have it…peanut butter. Although I knew the peanut butter was… Read More

Measurements for Fitness

Isn’t that a common question? Every year tons of folks make resolutions to get fit, eat better, lose weight, stop eating junk and so on and so on. Try something new this year. Don’t make a New Year’s resolution, make a New Month resolution. A year is a long time. Often times 2 months down… Read More

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