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May 2008

Veggie Burger Anyone?

Summer is here and the grill comes out of hibernation and my seasonal meat-eating debate begins. I love grilled food! I especially love grilled vegetables. Vegetables seem to gain a whole new personality once they’ve spent a few minutes on the grill That’s all well and good, but being raised in a meat-eating family, a… Read More


The Killer Birthday Cake

My daughter decided that she wanted to have a sleepover birthday party.It was a last minute thing so the preparations were done quickly.We decorated downstairs, came up with a theme and invitations went out the week of the party (it really was a last minute thing). I ordered pizza and picked up a cake and… Read More


Natural Sweeteners


After reviewing my last entry I realized that my writing style had taken on the same style of the American news media. American news media tends to go for blood and gore. The glass is half empty rather than half full. If it bleeds it leads. My last post on high fructose corn syrup was… Read More


Save the Ducks


I was in the middle of preparing dinner and realized that I needed more mayo for the meal. I asked my daughter to get me a jar from the pantry. She pulled out three jars of mayonnaise, which were all attached by a three-ringed hard plastic holder that was inserted around the necks of the… Read More


To anyone who thinks that the recycling efforts are a bit overwhelming and is contemplating quitting the living green lifestyle, my suggestion is to take a walk around your neighborhood on trash day. Take a look at the contents of your neighborhood’s recycling bin (Just a look. Don’t go poking around in your neighborhood’s trash)… Read More


I was about to throw the egg carton away and I looked in the recycle bin and wondered, “What else can I do with an egg carton?” After all, I’m trying to live a greener life, I can’t go around throwing away all of the egg cartons. So, I decided to get on the internet to… Read More


Rather cryptic title, but knowing that this blog is all about making green choices, you’ve gotta guess where I’m going with this entry. Yep, it’s all about water conservation and turning off the faucet in the morning when you brush your teeth and/or shave. I’m not going to spout statistics of how many gallons of… Read More